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7 Ways to Add Value To Your Email Opt-In

August 10, 2020

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Email is important! BUT unless you have been around for a while, you probably don’t have a very big email database or one at all. That’s okay. You gotta start somewhere. One of the best ways to start collecting these emails is through an email opt in on your website. So what does an email opt in look like? Well usually they are the little pop-ups when you land on a website or segments at the bottom of a web page where users can input their email address to receive emails from you.

Now here is the tricky part, how do you get a user to forfeit their email willingly? Maybe they already buy your product and LOVE what you do, but more often than not, there are hundreds of first time buyers who are just becoming acquainted with your business. These are the people you are trying to capture and add to your email list. So in order to entice them to give up their email address you need to offer something of value in return!

The KEY to adding value is to make someone feel special, like an insider, but not sharing too much information so they don’t need you anymore. You want to give them enough to where they think they can start by themselves, but they might need you later on in the future. We like to think of the added value you offer as the scrumptious appetizer that will lead to the AH-MAZING steak dinner aka. your product or service. 

Our team has put together a list of ways to sweeten up the deal and help you jump start growing your email list.

Here are our TOP 7 ways to add value to your email opt in:

  • A discount code! Who doesn’t love a sale? By providing them with a discount code, you are nudging them to buy now because the code could expire and then they would have to pay full price for your product or service. 
  • Downloadable PDF guide: This could be as simple as a quick checklist of how to DIY one of your services, or an inside look at your collection that launches next month. Just something that they can look at offline in their free time, and when they do they will think of you. 
  • FREE sample/trial of your product or service: You could give them an extended free trial of your product or service. So if the standard trial period is 7 days, you could extend it to 10-14 just for them giving you their email.
  • Templates: Let’s say you are a florist and you want people to give you their email in exchange for a basic template for creating a simple flower bouquet, or you are an author who wants to gain email addresses in exchange for a template on writing the first chapter of a book. These are all easy templates that can be put together to give someone enough information to feel special, yet not enough to make them need you in the future.
  • Offer a Free Consultation: What is more enticing that a discount code? A chance to meet or talk with a real person from your company! Too often now people are shuffled to chat bots or to generic customer service emails, but offering a free consultation gives potential customers a chance to feel you and your team out, PLUS it’s an easy way for you to close the deal.
  • Answers to a quiz! Maybe you are an interior designer and you have a simple 5 question quiz as your email opt in and in order for the user to receive their answer, they must enter their email!
  • A simple newsletter: You would be surprised by the power of the promise of a monthly newsletter. People are nosey, they want to know what’s up, what’s going on, and the latest on you and your business. 

Depending on your business, some of these opt-in’s might work better than others and that’s the point. No need to feel like you HAVE to have 7 different email opt in’s, choose the one or maybe the couple that work best for your company and make them GOOD! 

These opt in’s are going to be the very first taste any potential clients will get of your work so it is imperative that they are high quality and makes people feel as if they are getting something special that no one else has.


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