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5 Tips to Creating a Marketing Strategy for Tik Tok

July 30, 2020

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As Tik Tok’s 5 Million user database continues to grow every single day, making it one of the most downloaded apps from the app store, many businesses are starting to explore how this newer social media platform–originally created for lip syncing popular songs–can start to bring them more exposure, engagement and eventually new customers.

We know venturing into a new social media platform can be a bit confusing at the beginning so we have put together 5 tips you can follow in order to make sure you are starting your Tik Tok campaign off on the right foot.

5 Tips to Creating a Marketing Strategy for Tik Tok

  1. Research the App to see if your audience is present on Tik Tok.

While the app is growing and pulling in users from almost every single demographic out there the average Tik Tok user is still between 16 and 24. Market research across all social media platforms has shown that the best performing posts to market to this group tends to be short video clips and with this being Tik Tok’s entire format there is no way you can go wrong using this app to get your brand in front of Generation Z.

It is also important to note that while this demographic is definitely the majority, Tik Tok has gotten so big over the past few years that the app is now a place where influencers, celebrities, politicians and just your everyday consumer all hang out. As a business you can use this to your advantage, all you need to do is find your niche in the community and make content geared towards them.

2. Break away from the content you are used to creating on other Social media platforms. Create fun or informative content!

Tik Tok is a place where creativity thrives! We encourage clients to use videos of their staff having a fun time in the office. Using the trending songs at the time as the background music for your video is never a bad idea as it might get you on the “For You Page”, a place where you can be discovered by millions of new people! It is important to stay authentic, you never want to look like you forced a video. No one on the app wants to see super polished and professional videos so using your phone to show your audience what it’s like behind the scenes is always the best way to go.

With so many subcultures now using the app you don’t have to worry about doing the most popular dance to get discovered. Many artists are using Tik Tok to display their work as they show a time-lapse of them creating something, marketing professionals are using Tik Tok to  share tips and tricks they use and even doctors and experts are using the app to inform potential clients on what they can be doing to live a healthier and better lifestyle. No matter what your profession is, if you add some creativity you can make the perfect content for Tik Tok.

3. Utilize #hashtag trends / challenges

One of the best ways to go viral on the app is by starting a challenge / hashtag trend that really catches on! If you can in any way use your products or services to get the general public involved by creating or recreating content with your brand hashtag that is a great way to reach the masses almost instantly.

For example, the clothing brand Guess recently launched a hashtag challenge where they asked users to film any type of content the normally film only this time they would be wearing something from Guess’s new denim line and they would use the hashtag #InMyDenim to help the company raise awareness of their new line.

4. Explore the world of Advertising through Brand Takeovers

Just as any other social platform Tik Tok offers brands advertising opportunities with “Brand Takeovers” this allows brands to push their campaign all over the app with In-feed videos that pop up as well as banners when you first open the app and even on the discovery page.

5. Include your Instagram and Website in your Bio

Our final tip is one of the easiest things that we often see brands forget to do as they are so eager to post their first video, and that is to make sure you are linking your Tik Tok back to your Instagram AND your website. That’s right Tik Tok lets you share both of them in your Bio. With some new users being introduced to your business the last thing you would want is for them to really connect with your brand and then lose you within the millions of other videos being uploaded. Make sure you start to capture this audience by introducing them to your other social profiles and really try to bring them to your website where they will actually convert into paying customers

There you have it 5 easy tips to keep in mind as you take your brand into the Tik Tok space! Remember this app is all about creativity and authenticity! If you keep these two things in mind while following our tips for marketing your brand on Tik Tok then this app will surely take your business to new heights!


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