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4 Tips to Host A Successful Giveaway

June 17, 2020

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One really important part about growing your social media following is partnering with other businesses and individuals who have a similar client base and hosting a giveaway! You have probably seen a gazillion of these on your own social channels and maybe some of you have participated in some giveaway! Either way, there is a careful recipe success that you NEED to follow to make sure you have a successful giveaway!

  1. Plan Out Your Campaign

Sounds like a no brainer, right? WRONG!!! You need to plan your giveaway at least three weeks ahead to make sure you and the businesses you are partnering with have ample time to prep and start getting their followers psyched about the giveaway. You are going to want to start teasing about your giveaway in your posts, email campaigns and stories a week before the giveaway drops. Come up with a series of buzz words to get your followers excited like, VIP, exclusive, incredible, etc.

  1. Keep the Rules Simple

We have all seen a WAY too complicated giveaway before where the steps to enter did not seem worth the final prize. You really want to make your followers do as little as possible to get what you want out of the giveaway. Back up the bus for a second and look at what you are offering them and what your goal is. It might be to increase your email subscribers or to get more followers. Whatever it is, try to keep the giveaways steps to two or three actions. This will get you a higher chance of more giveaway entries and therefore more potential clients to reach out to!

  1. Run It Over a Weekend

Studies have shown that more users are on social media over the weekend and are more likely to spend some time reading, shopping and finding new businesses or pages to follow. To capitalize on this fact, be sure to run your giveaway for a long enough time (a week or so) and include a Saturday and Sunday! You will see an increase in giveaway entries and more engagement over those two days than possibly the whole week!

  1. Post Often About It

Some may think posting about the giveaway once is sufficient but what happens to your followers who were not on their social media accounts that day? Daily reminders in your stories and even a follow up post is always good to remind your followers and prospective followers that the giveaway is about to end or just started!


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