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3 Social Media Marketing Tips To Have a Successful Reopening

May 21, 2020

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“Creativity lives on” This was the tagline for Apple’s COVID-19 commercial. However, for many small businesses owners this meant so much more than a few inspirational words as many Small Business Owner’s (SBO’s) had to get extremely creative and pivot their businesses in order to stay in business while being forced to close down shop. While it is great news that there is now talk that we are slowly reopening our doors back up, these new circumstances are bound to usher in a new wave of creativity that will be required for businesses to be able to successfully reopen and adjust to this “new” normal.

That is why our team has come up with 3 social media marketing tips that you should be doing to ensure that you have a successful reopening and to help you think outside the box to transform your business!

#1. Keep on trend with your keywords and hashtags

As we know, using keywords and hashtags is a great way to get your business discovered and trending on social media. Many small businesses saw this first hand during quarantine as they were able to leverage hashtags such as: #socialdistancing #covid19 #stopthespread and #workfromhome to bring in more followers and get more eyes on their business during these slower times. However, as with anything in social media marketing it is important to maintain that growth and continue to build on it. Make sure that your keywords and hashtags are up to date and relevant with this new phase we will be entering.

Two of the best hashtags, keywords, and overall campaigns that small businesses can really use to help them successfully reopen is #ShopLocal and #SupportSmallBusinesses. During quarantine many consumers realized not only the impact the community has on small businesses but also the impact that small businesses have on their community. Now is your time to shine. Many people will be rushing to local small businesses, if marketed correctly, because of the new found appreciation that they have for them.

#2. Switch Up Your Copy… Once Again…

Throughout all of quarantine many business owners took the approach of changing up their copy to a style of writing that was more compassionate, something that showed more solidarity and togetherness with what felt like everyone on Earth because for once we were all experiencing something similar. Many other service based businesses provided information, tips and facts to their followers as well.

In our return to normalcy this messaging is still going to be important however the key to success will be in rethinking the approach. While your business may now be open, many people still might be hesitant to step into your office or place of business out of fear that the virus is still out there. That is why it is important to take to social media, communicate and make sure everyone is aware of the extra safety precautions you are taking to keep them safe.

PRO-TIP: A change in copy is also very important when it comes to advertising it can be the make or break when it comes to getting your social ad approved. This crisis will forever have an impact on advertising guidelines and policies so it is important to pay attention to what you say and how you say it.

#3. Seize The Opportunity To Retarget

Throughout the entire stay at home order we have pushed many of our clients to take to social media! A lot of customers lost the in-person interaction they had with the businesses that they loved, and one of the main things we asked our clients to focus on during this time was reminding them, through social media, that they will be there for them now and will be once again, face-to-face, as soon as things got back to normal.

In addition to this, we have seen time and time again that when it comes to small businesses, more personal posts have always done better than some of the sales/product posts. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing, the fact of the matter is, that during quarantine a lot of small business owners took this as an opportunity to get personal on their profiles by: showing their face a little bit more, addressing some of the concerns that their clients had or just showing them a personal side of them that their customers may have never seen before. In doing this, whether they knew it or not, a lot of small businesses: increase in their engagement moving their profiles up in the Facebook and Instagram algorithm and resulting in them being seen more frequently by their current followers as well as bringing in new followers.

If you, like many other businesses, had an experience similar to this during quarantine and you  continued on with your social media marketing efforts, then chances are you have now built up a strong audience that you can now remarket and retarget to as part of your post Covid-19 marketing strategy! We are encouraging all small business owners to take a deep dive into the Facebook and Instagram custom and lookalike audiences used for advertising. There is where you will be able to utilize your newly increased engagement to start converting those followers into paying customers.

The Skim: We understand that reopening your business will take a lot of time and effort but it is important that you do not abandon your social media marketing strategy now! If you have any questions or need any assistance in maintaining your social media strategy during this time please reach out to one of our team members as we would be happy to help in any w


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