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5 Ways To Find Room In Your Budget For Social Media Marketing

January 20, 2020

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As a small business owner, not only do you have a ton of costs to juggle but you probably have a tight budget when it comes to your marketing strategy! You have to worry about all of your overhead costs, your payroll costs, software subscriptions and even all those lovely business taxes! So where in the world are you going to find money to market your business on social media?

Our founder, Catherine, saw this as a struggle for small business owners. She knew they needed the time or more importantly the money to invest in social media services but finding an agency would break the bank, and doing it themselves ended up being the most frustrating process ever! They want that extra push from an expert but can’t afford the thousands of dollars a month to do it. So, the MeyCo team was born and we have launched our social media subscription for small business owners experiencing these frustrations.

We believe that you should be able to master your social strategy no matter how small of a team you are! For only $39.00 a month, you will get a insight into our teams process for mastering social media! Content calendar, hashtags guides, designed posts and more! But before you make this investment into your business, here are some ways to find a little more room in your monthly budget for our subscription or even some of our branding and social strategy services!

5 Ways to Find Room In Your Budget For Social Media Marketing

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01-Make Your Own Coffee At Home

Yep, this one may be a no brainer but let’s face it, Starbucks is expensive! Yes, it feels very glamorous to wake up, order your regular at the Starbucks on the corner and get to work feeling caffeinated and ready for the day, but it adds up! Even though giving up our favorite Starbucks trip on the daily makes us a little sad, you’ll be thankful you brewed your own coffee at home for a month! It may not seem like hundreds of dollars saved a month, but the amount you save may be enough for a subscription or social service that we detail out below!

02-Print Less and Print Double Sided

Oh, those pesky printers seem so affordable when you buy them but they get you with the ink cartridges! If you use a lot of paper to review your branding projects or even your blog posts be sure to print everything in black and white and go double sided! That way you kill two birds with one stone by not having to buy as much color ink cartridges and some paper!

03- Invest in a Social Planner

Investing in a social planner seems like an investment up front, but it will save you so much time in the long run! Keeping up with your daily social posts takes diligence and often times a dedicated calendar task that reminds you to stop what you are doing and post your social posts for that day! What if you are traveling and miss that notification, or you just had the busiest month of the year and you completely forgot to plan out your posts! Investing in a social media planner that not only atomically posts all your hard work for the month, at the BEST times to reach your followers but also takes away the daily worry of if you remembered to post! We highly recommend Planoly or even Plann, as they do have free options to their services and can help keep you organized!

04-Extend Your Hours (don’t worry it’s only a little bit a day)

We totally get it, you probably spend 10 hours a day at your craft, hustling to get your business off the ground. The MeyCo team always promises to be upfront and honest with you all and guys, it takes time to master your social strategy! You should constantly be posting, reviewing analytics and refining your process! It is ever changing and once you find your groove you then have to commit to staying consistent! What we find works really well for a lot of our clients, is setting aside 30 minutes a day-sometimes in the morning or at night- no emails allowed, where you plan out your social posts for the week! Trust us, 30 minutes will fly by when you are working on your social plans, and it will make a HUGE difference in your daily life!

05-Find Social Subscriptions That Fit Your Budget

This is a tip we advise on all of our clients’ social strategy calls because it’s so easy and so affordable! To help you get off the ground and start learning the ropes of social media strategy, why not get a monthly calendar chalked full of hashtag recommendations, fill in the blank captions for you to customize and designed posts/stock images for you to use! This will save you a TON of time and help you get back to doing what you love in your business!

The Skim

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars a day on social media marketing when you’re a small business and just trying to keep up with creating your products and services on the daily! Instead work smarter and not harder by saving some money in places you wouldn’t expect. Trust us on this one, brew your favorite caffeinated beverage at home, print in black and white ink, invest in a planner, set aside a small amount of time on the daily to plan your social posts and find a social subscription that fits your budget and gives you a streamlined process for crafting your social media plan! Oh, and don’t forget to check out our social subscription plan this month! We are offering 10% off until December 31st to help you get your 2020 social strategy moving!



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