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The Top 10 2020 Graphic Design Trends

January 13, 2020

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George Lois, or the Tony Soprano of the advertising world, once said “You Can Be Cautious or You Can Be Creative (But There’s No Such Thing as a Cautious Creative).” When it comes to graphic design in 2020, there will be no room for watchfulness. With almost every brand in the industry now utilizing social media it is time to think outside of the lines and break down the barriers of design, that way your business stands out and makes a quick statement while potential customers browse their feed!

Now that 2020 is finally here not only does that mean we are in a brand-new decade; it also means we have the opportunity to start fresh. Now is the time to challenge the “rules” of design, and as any true creative knows there are NO RULES when it comes to design! So have fun this year and go the distance when it comes to being unique and ushering in your own style.

Here are a few trends The Meyco Team will be implementing for our clients and ourselves this year.

01- 3D Depth and Realism

1. 3D Depth and Realism

In 2019 we saw an explosion of 3D art. Many brands took on this trend and began implementing it into their branding strategy. We don’t expect this trend to go anywhere in 2020 as more and more graphic artist start to work with this concept, many will add their own flavor into the mix. We recommend using bright eye-catching colors as well as certain effects to make your 3D objects shine a bit brighter than your competitors.     



02- Monochrome


Over the past few years we have seen many companies experiment with duotone effects. While this trend started in the music industry as a way of catching the user’s attention to introduce them to a new artist, it has now expanded to many different business communities many nonprofits and organizations have used this trend to add more of a pizazz to their brochures and flyers. The Monochrome trend we will see in 2020 is basically a play on of the old duotone effect. In the next year expect to see a lot of brands implementing this trend by using either a black and white or single-color image.





03-Typography Craze


 Since the beginning of time advertisers have always focused on using different styles of typography to catch the audience’s attention. Don’t expect this trend to go anywhere in 2020. This year think outside of the box, don’t be afraid to use an abstract font. If you are designing it the right way your audience will understand even if it takes them a minute to understand the concept.






04-Drawing Shapes  

As typography continues to flourish in the design space make sure you are constantly trying out new methods to show off your creativity. In 2020 try using your text to form shapes, this trend can be a great way to display and image while also getting a message across in a really fun way.






05-Image & Text Masking

 Text masking has been around for years but in 2020 expect to see a lot of designers using it in addition to some of the new techniques that have been introduced since. In the past, the text mask may have been the focal point of the image. However, in 2020 think of this trend as a compliment to the image you are creating.

 06- Collage of drawing and photos

 We all loved doodling when we were younger, whether you did it as a hobby or just did it in the back of your notebook to get through class, we have all at one point or another tried it out. Well while we break the rules of design it 2020, try doodling on some of your images to give them a little bit more character. The best part of it all, unlike when we used to draw a mustache on our math teacher’s face, when we use this trend you will see an increase in engagement rather than a seat in detention.





 07- Geometric Designs

geometric designs

 Another trend we saw in 2019 that we predict will make it into 2020 is implementing geometric shapes into your designs. Get as wacky as you want with this trend, make your own shapes, combine existing shapes whatever you do just make sure you use this trend in 2020 that way Spotify isn’t the only brand with the coolest designs.









 Creativity, agility, and movement are some of the best characteristics to display when promoting your brand. A design that utilizes liquids in their promotions, convey that exact message. This technique will be used on lots of flyers and promotions for keynote speakers in 2020, so don’t miss out on this trend.






09-Simple Illustrations

simple illustration

 Illustrations have been a major trend in recent years but this coming year expect to see a lot of designers keeping it simple. Maybe skip outlining every shadow in the face, try using a simply designed graphic rather than a snapshot of your .xlsx graphs to promote your service. The clean lines and colors used in simple illustrations could be the difference between someone scrolling past or stopping and showing interest in your brand.


10- A Sense of Vintage


Who doesn’t love a blast from the past? Whether it is fashion, music, or slang at some point we see something from our childhood or even earlier resurface and present itself in a new way. Design is no exception to this rule, in 2020 try using an old color palette from a long time ago or maybe experiment with even older fonts. Mix this with some modern elements to make it clear that your brand is new it just has a vintage feel.





The Skim:

With almost every business now on social media trying to attract new clients, in 2020 you will have to give more of an effort to make sure you and your business are standing out and making an impact while people scroll their feed. What better way to do this than through design? In this coming year make sure you are using 3D Depth and Realism, Monochrome effects, Unique Typography, Drawing Shapes, Image and Text Masking, Collage of Drawing and Photos, Geometric Designs, Liquids, Simple Illustrations and a Sense of Vintage to stand out and bring in more customers.


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