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Setting Your Business Goals for 2020

December 16, 2019

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As we “eek” out the last few weeks of 2019 there are probably a few things going through your head. How did this year fly by? What is 2020 going to look like for me? Should I forgo those New Year’s resolutions since I like pizza WAY too much?

We all have so much going on until the new year arrives, but have you taken a step back to look at what you have accomplished in your business this year? Or maybe even planned out some goals for next year? Our team at MeyCo took a few days this year to reflect and analyze everything we did in 2019.

It’s a very rewarding and cool process to go back and see what your profits were, what new endeavors really worked and even what really didn’t. As our friend Jenna Kutcher said in one of her early Goal Digger podcasts, you have to know what went really well and what didn’t so you can make adjustments and plan for the next year. It’s so easy to get caught up in this holiday season, to rush and forget to reflect on this year as a business and make some goals for next year. It’s time to DREAM BIG and to get PUMPED for 2020!

Here’s a little guide that our team went through this year to start 2020 off with our new dreams and goals in mind!


Setting Your Business Goals for 2020


01- Pick Something to Measure

Numbers are so telling when it comes to goal setting, but it can be so easy to be overwhelmed by all the numbers you can review for your business year! Segment it out so it’s easier to review in small increments and only focus on your top 3 measurements. Sometimes all you want to do is fix everything and improve upon everything, but we all know that’s not realistic. So instead of taking on the whole enchilada, pick three of your most important measurements and focus on those. 

Create your goals and stick to them! Once you focus all of you attention on those three things you’ll be surprised how quickly you can attain those goals and blow them out of the water!

02- Get a Planner

It may sound funny, but sometimes writing it down in a nicely organized planner can make all the difference! Not only does it keep you accountable to those goal deadlines, but it makes checking up with yourself a little more fun! Plus, it adds more seriousness and time restrictions to your goal to hold you and your team accountable and motivated to reach the fast-approaching milestone.

Our team sets up multiple sub-goals that ultimately help you reach your main goal and plan them out in our calendar. That way, we know exactly what sub-goal we need to work toward to get a little closer to our overall goal.

03- Do Check Ups with Yourself and Your Team

This goes along with writing your goals down in your planner. When determining your sub-goals and goal timelines make sure you share it with your team. There is a saying that goes “Many Hands Make Quick Work” and we stick by this in the MeyCo office. If you are planning for a certain website launch goal or maybe want to start a podcast by a certain date, don’t take on that goal alone if you have a team!

Your team is your greatest asset, and the biggest investment you will ever make in your business. They are your valuable team of expertise that will make achieving your goals that much easier. Discuss with them and get their feedback, maybe they think of a different goal or timeframe that will propel your business farther than your original goal. Use your team and involve them in your new goals! What you can accomplish with them is incredible!

04- Be Realistic and Flexible

Not all goals will be met. Yep, we said it! Goals are goals for a reason and you may not crush all of them, but guess what that’s totally ok! Whenever you plan out your goals be sure to put realistic deadlines and measures on them. Nothing screams discouraged like an unreachable goal. So set the bar high but make is an attainable bar to keep you motivated and on track!

It is important to also keep in mind that things change and other tasks may come up, so be flexible with your goals. If something doesn’t work or you are 2 months late to meeting that goal, that’s ok. Flexibility will allow you and your team to shift different goal dates and plans when necessary.


The Skim

With our last few days of 2019 winding down, take some time today to plan out a goal! Keep it simple, write it down, talk with your team and be realistic. All of this will help you be a better you next year and start making some changes in your business that you have been dreaming about! Keep dreaming and reaching for the stars guys, we promise it will be worth it!


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