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Fun and Friendly Social Media Management for Shaka Love Aloha

December 3, 2019

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We said Aloha to this project with Amy and have been so giddy ever since! Shaka Love Aloha approached us in need of launching their social media and bringing brand awareness to the digital realm. It’s founder and brains behind the Shaka brand, Amy Connelly, sold us with her passion for making a difference in the world and showing people that live eco-fantastic (a catchphrase our office now uses on the daily).

Amy came to us with an existing logo, brand and website in the works and it was amazing to launch her social platforms together with her website. On the launch day we increased their followers by 37% in under 4 hours! Together our team was able to increase her profile visits and website clicks dramatically for her big launch!

With her brand somewhat in place we also assisted in garnering social partnerships with local surfers and Orange County natives that we knew would love the brand and be the best advocates for Shaka Love.

In tandem with all that we took to running social ads for Amy’s Black Friday sale and were able to correlate a whopping $800 in sales over Black Friday weekend! We can’t wait to implement all our Aloha ideas we have in store for Amy and her team!




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